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Photo-Story showing Contest activities of German Amateur Radio Stations

Bodo DL7AFB and DL7AKL Wolfgang

Activities from 2010 until today

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2013 - October, IARU Region 1 UHF - Contest // JO62ja, 155m asl


Report: DL7AKL 432-MHz Single Operator class
This October weekend started with typical autumnally weather, deep grey clouds, some wind and fortunately no rain. The set-up phase kept dry and first hours of operation started at moderate DX conditions. But the situation changed during the night
. Mist came up and heavy drizzle started. That was a hard proving for the antennas, cables and the power generator outside. After the night-break the situation became clear, some of the RF connections became clammy and the previously excellent VSWR disappeared. To prevent the PA from destruction caused by impedance mismatching, the RF power had to be reduced significantly. So the second lap started with a quiet band and a low QSO rate. Luckily the rain stopped Sunday afternoon and the DX conditions improved fairly. More over it kept dry during the disassembling phase, too.
 The current set of pictures showing: <left> Operator Wolfgang, DL7AKL, at the UHF station using his self-made 432/28-MHz high-level transverter, the Elecraft K2 Transceiver, the RIW power amplifier and MGF1601 pre-amp; <middle> foggy morning, ...; <right> Raindrops ...
<new video in preparation, coming up soon (currently struggling with SONY's .mov-format :( >

Top-10 DX 432-MHz tropo:  >800km: 2 x; > 600km: 8 x, details after silence period

QSOs 70cm:

2013 - July, DARC VHF-UHF-SHF-Contest // JO62ja, 155m asl


Report: DL7AFB 432-MHz Single Operator class
What a great contest! Due to a large High-Pressure Area covering whole North-West-Europe from Spain to Skandinavia we got partially excellent tropospheric DX conditions, that allowed very long distance contacts at VHF/UHF-Bands. The DX-Cluster offered contacts between Danmark and Spain as well as between Norway and France. From my location in the Middle-East of Germany I had the opportunity to work a lot of stations from the UK and France. The current set of pictures showing: <left> Operator Bodo, DL7AFB, at the UHF station using DC8RI's new 432/28-MHz Transverter-System IRHX-4011a, Elecraft K2 Transceiver, the RIW power amplifier and MGF1601 pre-amp; <middle> early morning, 5 AM: after sleeping just for two hours, I took the picture of the aerial in front of the rising sun and continued the contest operation; <right> The 432-MHz antenna group in front of a wind power station
<new video in preparation, coming up soon>

Top-10 DX 432-MHz tropo: >1000km: F8DBF (IN78) ODX 1297km, GW2OP/p (IO71) 1207km, G3CKR/p (IO93); >800km: G5XV/p (IO91), G0OLE/p (IO93), G1ZJP (IO92), G3FJE/p (IO92), G2XV/p (JO02), G5LK/p (JO01), G3XDY (JO02), at least more than 30 QSO's over 600km giving a total score of 108 T-Points.

QSOs 70cm:

2013 - May, DARC VHF-UHF-SHF-Contest // JO62ja, 155m asl


Report: DL7AKL 432-MHz Single Operator class
<left> The K2RIW UHF power amplifier equipped with a pair of Svetlana's GS-36b (4xc400) valves operated at 2kV anode voltage;
<middle> DL7AKL's brand new hand build 432-MHz aerial made up of 8 stacked 10 element 25-Ohms DK7ZB Yagis (optimised for use of thin elements by DL7AFB). The antennas are mounted on a 12m height glass-fibre reinforced plastic mast (GFRP) form ;
<right> kitchen, dining room, living room, guestroom, bedroom, ... ;)

DX 432-MHz (TR) > 600km: I3NPF/6 (ODX-905km), 9A0Z, HA5KDQ, 9A1CMS, HB9FX, PI4Z, OM5KV, OM5XX, and further 20 QSOs > 500km

QSOs 70cm:

2012 - Oktober, IARU Region 1 UHF-Contest // JO62ja, 155m asl


Report: DL7AKL initially testing the new 432-MHz antenna set-up: 8x10 element 25-Ohms Yagi (optimized by DL7AFB)

2011 - Oktober, IARU Region 1 UHF-Contest // JO62ja, 155m asl


Report: DL7AKL during contest operation. The moon set looks like he did EME ;-)

DX 432-MHz (TR) > 600km: F6HGC (ODX 766km), F5SE/P, F1AZJ, HA5KDQ, HB9CLN, S50C, HA7P, OM5X

QSOs 70cm:

2011 - September, IARU Region 1 VHF-Contest // JO62ja, 155m asl


Report: DL7AFB on his VHF radio station, using a Elecraft K2 qrp transceiver, a high dynamics transverter and a ME-750V (GU-74) power amplifier. In the background the new GS-35b amplifier came to first operation for a short time, just to perform some initial testings at half of the recommended anode voltage. To achieve best receiving performance, no pre-amplifier was connected. In front of the SRA1-H high level mixer only a pair of BFP-193 low-noise silicon transistors with Norton-Feedback was placed, delivering about 14dB gain at 1.7dB NF and 13dBm IP3in, respectively.

DX 144MHz (TR) > 700km: 9A1ACD (ODX 801 km), UW5Y, G8P, 9A4M, LA6VBA, HB9DUR, IQ3AZ, S59DEM, 9A2L, HA6W

QSOs 2m:

2011 - May, DARC VHF-UHF-Contest // JO62ja, 155m asl


Nice sunny contest weather - as we like it ;-) 

Report: (left) 2m-station 4 x 9 element Tonna yagis next to the huge metal tower of a Mega-Watt-Wind-Turbin. (right) 70cm station 8 x 8 element yagis.   

DX 144MHz (TR) > 700km: IW3INQ/3 (ODX 793km), F5FNY/P, HG3A, 9A1P, HB9STY/P, IW3AJN/3, IQ3AZ, S53WW, 9A2L, HA6W, HB9T
DX 432MHz (TR) > 500km:

QSOs 2m:    QSOs 70cm:

2010 - October, IARU-Region1 UHF-Contest from JO62ja, 155m asl


Contest weather: Indian summer with high pressure core over Scandinavia brought reasonable DX conditions in all directions 

Report: (left) DL7AKL and his brand new radio shack inside a trailer. Equipment used: Elecraft K2, Transverter, tiny transistorised PA ;-) (middle) 8 stacked 8 elements DL6WU Yagi, delivering about 19dB gain above Dipole. The LNA Pre-Amplifier is mounted directly at the feed point of the antenna, whereas the TX has to bear down about 10m ECOFLEX-15 coax line. (right) morning impressions, jet streams blurred in the sky just before sun rise. 


QSOs 70cm:

2010 - September, IARU-Region1-Contest from JO62ja, 155m asl


Contest weather: mix of clouds, rain and sunshine as in April, nevertheless DX conditions 360° more than 600km 

Report: Since, the system keeps on running more and more stable, almost the same equipment came to operation as last times (see below). The 4 stacked 9 element Tonna Yagi Array was once again located close to a wind power station to improve the co-existence to my closest neighbour station DF0YY (JO62gd) by spending some dB of extra isolation. The shack was built up in a more comfortable trailer than the times before. The well proved K2 (Elecraft) and DL7AKL's homemade high-level transverter came to operation, as well as the ME-750 Amplifier with a GU-74 (4CX800). As transmission line 10m of Times Microwave 1/2" Coaxial-Cable was used, giving just 0,3dB attenuation to the antenna. Therefore no low-noise preamplifier was required at the antenna.

DX 144MHz (TR) > 600km: I5PVA/6, E74EBL, LY2WR, UW5Y, G8P, UR7D, 9A4M, 9A5Y, LA6VBA, TM0W, TM2A, 9A1P, HB9STY/P, 9A2EY, IQ3AZ, IN3FHE/IN3, HA6W, F5OAU/P, S57Q, HB9DPY/P, HA5KDQ, HB9TTY, SM6MVE, F4DHO/P, S50C, HB9BA, S56K, S59P, HG1Z, S51ZO, S59R, S57O, HB9PZQ/P, S57M, HB9DRS, F6KUP/P, ON4POO, OM5X, HB9CA HB9KAB, F8KID, PA6NL, SK6DK, HB9GT, OM8A, HB9JNX >>> listen to TOP-10 DX sound samples and watch video on YouTube:

QSOs 2m:

2010 - July, DARC VHF-UHF-SHF-Contest from JO62ja, 155m asl
2-m Band: DL7AFB  //  70-cm Band: DL7AKL

No Camera - no pictures =:/
...but same set up as last contest in May

DX 144MHz (TR) > 650km: I5PVA/6 (ODX 941km), IK4WKU/6, LY2WR, 9A1ACD, 9A5Y, 9A1IST, HG10P, F6KCP/P, 9A9D, 9A1I, OM3KHU, S59DEM, HA6W, HB9CNY/P, S57Q, HG7KLF, HB9DPY/P, HB9TTY, S53D, S50C, RK2FXB, HB9BQU/P
DX 432MHz > 500km: HB9TTY (ODX 664km), S50C, HB9RF, HB9DRS, F5AEG/P, PA6NL, HB9GT, PE1RLF/P, DF0OVH, RW2F, OM6A, OE3GWC, OM9ACA, OZ9PZ

QSOs 2m:    QSOs 70cm:

2010 - May, DARC VHF-UHF-SHF-Contest from JO62ja, 155m asl
2-m Band: DL7AFB  //  70-cm Band: DL7AKL


Preface: since VHF propagation is mainly influenced by the weather, that contest weekend was dominated by several low pressure systems over central Europe. Although some remarkable tropo DX QSO's were made, the propagation conditions in general were moderate and in addition to that the activity quite low - perhaps due to the heavy rain falls all around.
(left) Bodo, DL7AFB, at his VHF station that was set up in a tiny trailer (middle) DL7AKL's new self-made 8-over-8 UHF
-Yagis array (right) A GEKO 6400 ED-A/HHBA power generator supplied both, VHF- as well as UHF-stations with electricity. Many thanks to Werkzeug-Anders for excellent service and fast delivery.
A sound sample of my own signal was found on SP3IYM's web page, who recorded me in QSO with SO3Z.

DX 144MHz (TR) > 600km: IK6LZA, LY2WR (listen to audio sample on YouTube), YL3AG, S56FQC, 9A2EY, IQ3AZ, HB9N, HG6V, S57Q, HA5KDQ, F4CQY/P, S50C, HB9BQU/P, S53O, S57O, HB9CQL, OZ/DG3XA, HG1W, Beacon ON0VHF (listen to audio sample on YouTube)
DX 432MHz > 500km: PA6NL, OM8A, ON4PS/P, DL8GP, DF2VJ, PE1RLF/P

QSOs 2m:    QSOs 70cm:

2010 - March, Visiting DF0MTL


Since we both, DL7AFB and DL7AKL, are active at nice and warm weather only, the March-Contest is a good time for making a visit to some other contesters in the neighbourhood. This year we visited the club station DF0MTL operating from the "Deditzer Hoehe", in JO61JF. Stefan, DL9GRE, gave a warm welcome and introduced us to the crew. The pictures showing (left) Microwave Station 23cm and up on 1m dish (middle) Winter impressions. Combined 2-m and 70-cm set-up in front (right)  VHF-UHF-Antennas. Watch video on YouTube.

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